Healing Workshop

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Workshop Descriptions

Workshops, classes and lectures are ongoing and can also be created against need, whether that be for a body of interested people, companies, organizations, health care institutes of health care practitioners.

Weekly: Spiritual Conversations

Available at the Emin Way center in Croton on Hudson, NY. Promoting participants into a deeper study of human life, its purpose and possibility through active exploration of mulitple territories pertaining to human spiritual evolution.

Meditation and Movement:

This is an hour and a half long class designed to bring the participant into a state of overall well being of the mind, body and energy systems. It involves gentle stretching and movements to stimulate and clear the lymphatic system, mini meditations and movements to calm and focus the mind, a very special series of energy clearing exercises designed to cleanse and balance the energy field, and fun mental exercises to enliven the mind. All or some of these tools and more are used in every class leaving a person calm, recharged and energized for the rest of the day.

Day or Weekend Intensives:

These workshops are for those with a more serious interest in healing. The one to two day period allows a greater depth through a full immersion into not just the knowledge of healing but the atmosphere and attendance of the healing domains.

Healing School:

A training into the foothills of the vast Unseen Worlds domain of Healing, beginning with practical tools for self healing and well being, inside the idea of before helping others: Healer, Heal Thyself.