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I have also done some energy healing work with Steve and was blown away by the power of his work. I had been feeling sluggish, anxious, and creatively drained and after a couple hours of Auric rehabilitation I went straight to perform stand up comedy and knocked it out of the park, after months of feeling uninspired and lacking energy. These two are truly gifted, I fully recommend!
Steph S, Hollywood, CA

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I have been for a lot of healing in my life. When I walked in to Steve’s office I knew this healing was going to be different, and it was! Steve helped me to heal a lot of old hurts in my life. Steve also showed me ways to keep healing myself on my own. That healing was so amazing I swear I had angels talking to me! 
Jacquelyn D., Peekskill, NY

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Healing Treatment Description

Energy Healing is a very effective way to improve your health and well being. This is because your life and health is a direct expression of the level of energy you run on.  If that level is upgraded, sustainably, your whole life will improve. Our energy healing treatments consist of a consultation, color energy assessment (helping pinpoint specific energy imbalances), Well Being Coaching, and a direct healing application in and upon the electromagnetic field (your aura). Our most successful clients are people who are committed to their lives and their health, willing to work, and open to being assisted. They have some issue (physical, mental, emotional or spiritual) that's preventing them from being at their best, and want to change to get to be their best. Sometimes an improvement can be a small percentage change, sometimes a whole-life overhaul. We look forward to working with you!

Some ways people refer to our work: energy healing, spiritual healing, color therapy, guided meditation, guided visualization, mind-body medicine, hypnosis (though it's not hypnosis that we do, people sometimes think it is), clearing emotional blockages, clearing mental blocks, well being coaching, life coaching, peak performance coaching, aura healing. Call for a brief, complimentary phone consultation to see if this is a match for you.

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