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Healing School Philosophy

Our belief is that there is a flow of universal, Creation, Godly forces flowing through the universe, the Earth and humans all the time - every microsecond. When a person is "current" with themselves and life itself, they are literally with this current of energies. This flow has everything to do with evolution of the human race and the planet we live on. When a person comes into contact with these universal forces, they often experience some form of healing; either of a physical ailment, or an emotional/psychological blockage, and usually both. But, the forces themselves don't have as their first priority the healing of a wound or disease. Their first order is that they actually are the forces the human race needs in order to evolve. In computer terms, they are the most up to date download from God and Creation to their children the human race. The healing is a side benefit, extraordinary and wonderful.

Healing School is our best attempt to offer a safe process to other interested people that makes an actual, real, grounded journey into territories that are absolutely divine and mysterious. It is a series of workshop - experiential style days in which we journey together into fundamental understandings, devotions, alignments, and daily ways and means that a healing connection can come and live with. It's reasonable to ask, "If all these forces are flowing through the human race, why does it seem that so many people are so depressed, disconnected, uninspired?" The simple answer is that they are running on the wrong fuels. They're running on fuels that are lower than their human birthright deserves. And the high unseen worlds are polite – if you don't ask for them in your life, they won’t force their way in. The question for each individual comes down to the personal choice of what do you want to give your life to? What energies do you want to run on? Healing School is offering tools to help you run on better fuels. This is the main thing we get up to. And the more people, the better the result. When many people are involved in high work, a web of conductivity is formed between them. This allows greater access for the high unseen worlds to influence human affairs for the better.