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A Time of Evolutary Change

The human race and the Earth herself are in a time of great evolutionary opportunity. There are forces flowing into this place, every second, from God and Creation (Mr. and Mrs. God); forces whose function is to offer the next possibility, the next permission, the next evolutionary step to the human race.

An odd fact from science: the big bang theory was given that name because of a wise acre comment – "So, Mr. and Mrs. God got together and had a Big Bang?" "Big Bang" being English slang for sex. Well, this is probably perfectly accurate, just at levels far higher than our human level. So the Big Bang happens and the universe flows out from this one starting point – like the opposite of a black hole. And it expands into, and pushes back, a highly mysterious property that can only be called The Void. (If the universe is expanding, what is it expanding into?) If there was a fixed amount of energy at that starting point, the universe could only expand a certain amount, then slow its expansion, then stop, then implode back upon itself. But that has not happened. Science can measure that the rate of expansion has not been in decline. It has not even been constant. It has actually been speeding up.¹ Which means the force behind it all has increased.

This is the number one mystery in science today.

And, strange as it may sound, the rate of acceleration recently made a jump. This says that whatever force is behind all of the universe has raised its game, has gone into a next phase of increase, the first establishing phase perhaps being complete. It says that big God, bigger than the planetary level of god, has a bigger plan and is pumping bigger forces into this universe. Perhaps like a universal puberty? And why not? All of the human biological, chemical, electromagnetic inner technology that is our design, could only ever come out from and reflect what’s possible inside of Creation. Thus, a very exciting time to be alive, with possibilities appearing now that may never have been before.

What are called healing forces, in actuality are evolutionary forces. Their job is to set things right and provide the next step forward. When these forces are at play in any individual life, we call it "healing." It is a gift from God and part of the infrastructure known religiously as the Host. The healer person is simply someone who is able to summon or anchor these high healing essences in their aura and their processes, and then pass them to another person for healing. This is done by their internal processes, what they do and what they do not do, by their petitions and repetitions, and their targeted development inclination towards healing.

¹Scientific American, 12/19/2008 article referencing dark energy discovery in 1998