Healing The Aura

The human aura is an electromagnetic field that radiates out from the physical form of the body and all its working parts. This field is occupied by electromagnetic force signals, radiations and a whole series of electrical results caused by the workings of the body, the mind, emotions, behaviors, and everything that a person processes. It encompasses you and contains many vitally important “electrical organs” ranging from energy centers, to the mind, to the Soul and Spirit. It is, in effect, the unseen you.

Healing occurs when a person with a highly charged aura, through special knowledge and connection to healing energies, removes or rebalances the energies of the ailment another person is suffering from. The remedy being made at an energetic level, a result appears in the physical body sometimes immediately. Someone referred to as a “healer” is a person connected to, and conduit of these high healing forces. The forces do the healing, the practitioner facilitates. The healing practitioner often will experience side-effect blessings of the passage of this high evolutary force, such as clairvoyance, high degrees of sensitivity, knowings, and very much wellbeing. (See Healing School)

The aura is the unseen theatre of all that goes on in a life. The original meaning of the word heal is to make whole. Healing encompasses many aspects of the making whole of a person’s life from nutrition and exercise, to relationships, to thinking and emotional patterns and attitudes, to energy levels and levels of internal enhancement and well being, to how you wake up and go to sleep each day.